VMWare Virtualization


If your network includes virtual resources, you’re more than likely using VMware products. VMWare is widely regarded to be the leader in the virtualization marketplace. The server virtualization market has expanded since VMware started in the 1990s. The overall objective for VMware is to provide the basis for a software managed infrastructure, a set of services that can be applied as required to applications running on commodity hardware.

VMware virtualization works with a wide variety of hardware and software, including storage, networking and security products. You can dramatically improve the availability, performance and utilization of your IT resources through VMware virtualization, where the hardware resources of a single computer are used by multiple virtual machines. Our VMWare solutions include VMware vSphere, ESX and ESXi, VMware vCenter Server, vCenter Site Recovery Manager & VMware Horizon View.

Rigel Networks’ VMware Virtualization Expertise

  • Server, Desktops & Datacenter Solutions.
  • Deploy, Manage, and Migrate virtual machine and servers.
  • Create VM Templates & Testing VM Labs on demand.
  • P2V & V2V Server/Machines Conversation & Migration.
  • Version Migration of VMware Infrastructure for ESXi : 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1
  • End to End Implementation of VMware View VDI for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
  • Desktop Provisioning, Management & Monitoring Services for VDI.
  • VDI Integration with AD.
  • Simulating Physical Infrastructure to Virtual with VMware.

Our VMWare experts can help you find a virtualization solution that leverages your existing technology to increase server and other resource utilization, improve performance, increase security and minimize system downtime, and reduce the cost and complexity of delivering enterprise services.

VMware vSphereis the industry-leading data center virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures. With vSphere, you can use resources more efficiently, improve the responsiveness of your infrastructure, and lower your IT operating costs. VMware vSphere with Operations Management delivers uncompromised control over all IT resources with the highest efficiency and choice in the industry. Rigel Networks offers the latest VMware vSphere solutions. The introduction of the bare-metal ESX architecture in 2001 significantly enhance performance and reliability, which in turn allows customers to extend the benefits of virtualization to their mission-critical applications. The removal of the Linux based console operating with the new ESXi architecture represents a similar leap forward in reliability and virtualization management. It runs directly on the hardware without the need of any host operating system, which makes it extremely effective in terms of performance.

VMware vCenter Servermanages VMware vSphere environments allowing IT administrator’s simple and automated control over the virtual environment to deliver infrastructure with confidence. It provides centralized visibility, proactive management and extensibility for the virtual infrastructure.

VMware vCente Site Recovery ManagerManager leverages cost-efficient vSphere Replication or storage-based replication to provide simple management of recovery and migration plans, non-disruptive testing and fully automated site recovery and migration.


VMware Horizon View, desktop administrators virtualize the operating system, applications, and user data and deliver modern desktops to end-users. It delivers desktops from a single integrated platform as part of your cloud services.

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