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Microsoft Multipoint Server


Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) – the new Windows based software solution in which one host computer is shared by multiple users simultaneously. This allows one computer to serve several people in a lab, library or training center at very low cost. Windows MultiPoint Server gives teachers and students the familiar Windows experience, allowing them to focus on teaching and learning the curriculum, not a new computer system. With Windows MultiPoint Server, one host computer is shared by multiple users simultaneously, enabling schools to reduce overall costs 66% by saving on hardware, energy and maintenance. Schools can effectively triple the number of Windows computers without increasing budget.

The teacher monitors and manages the learning experience of every student from his or her central station, extending the ability to guide classroom activities or help students individually.

Rigel Microsoft MultiPoint Server Expertise

  • Installation, Configuration of Microsoft Multipoint Server
  • Microsoft Multipoint Server Deployment
  • Microsoft Multipoint Server support
  • On-going technical support
  • Migration of legacy platform to Microsoft MultiPoint Server

Technology Platform we use

Microsoft Multipoint Server 2011

Why should you consider Rigel for MultiPoint Server Solutions?

  • Using Multipoint Server you can spend more time teaching and learning.
  • Windows MultiPoint Server is a simple, cost-effective way for more users to gain access to the latest technology, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Working together, Microsoft and Rigel have delivered shared computing solutions that can help more students and teachers gain access to the latest technology and embrace “21st Century Skills” in the classroom.

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