Security Management


Rigel’s Infrastructure Security Services helps reduce cost and manages your IT risk. With a focus on planning and preparedness, our lifecycle of security services apply industry best practices to protect your information from security breaches today and tomorrow.

With our IT expertise and experience in helping clients worldwide safeguard their IT assets and data, we’re ready to help your company attain new levels of security—and business success.

Rigel Networks offers a wide range of security services to organizations and provides protection across the network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data and remote users. We provide management and monitoring for the industry’s widest array of security platforms.

Sonicwall Firewall

If you want security that offers uncompromising performance and can easily be managed by you, the Sonicwall firewall is incomparable. The Sonicwall firewall is your first line of defense against internet security threats and controlling data to the internet. We use Sonicwall Firewall against internet security threats and controlling data. It provides services for network firewalls, virtual private network, backup and recovery and anti-spam for emails. The Sonicwall firewall comes with comprehensive anti-spam service that utilizes real-time sender IP reputation analysis and cloud-based advanced content management techniques to remove spam, phishing and virus laden messages from inbound SMTP-based e-mail before they reach your network.

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