Help-Desk Management


Help desk is the heart of effective IT service management and main component of your business. As we know every minute of downtime impacts business productivity, we provide technical support to your business and help you maintain control of your user support. Our Desktop Management Services allows you the freedom to have your employees focus on their core competencies while we maintain consistently high levels of support and services for your business.

Rigel Desktop Management encompasses detailed hardware and software lifecycle management through streamlined security and application delivery. By centralizing your desktop management, end-user and technical productivity are enhanced freeing your IT team to focus on more strategic objectives. Our IT support services ranges from simple software, websites and hardware application management to complex network operating system, enterprise software and hardware support. With our rich technical expertise, we can take remote access of your users’ computers to fix problems on the spot, drastically reducing downtime.

Our initiatives will be to optimize IT infrastructure, proactive problem management with minimum business disruptions, visibility into end user experience, reduced time to provision new infrastructure etc.

Rigel’s Desktop Management Services include:

  • Desktop Support and Deployment
  • IT Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Software Delivery
  • IT Management, Maintenance and Support Services
  • Image and Configuration Management
  • Remote Control
  • Patch Collection, analysis, testing ,deployment & compliance
  • Dispatch Service
  • Beak Fix and Install, move, add, change (IMAC)
  • Backup and Restore software

Benefits of Outsourcing Help Desk Management Services:

  • Improve productivity and minimize downtime via a stabilized desktop environment.
  • Streamlined automated application delivery, security updates and data protection.
  • Customized ticketing system.
  • Customized to your needs: from basic software applications to complex hardware and network operating systems software.
  • Single Point of Contact Support, Cost Effective, Guaranteed service: 24X7, 365 days a year.
  • Remote Access Support, Issues can be resolved off-site quickly by our staff.
  • Improved availability, stability and performance lifecycle of your software application.
  • Level 1 through Level 3 service support from our highly skilled and industry certified team and industry partners.
  • Let Rigel Networks provide you with a quote to handle all of your technology help desk needs.

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