Database Management

Database Management


Let us manage the hardware, system, and software, so you can focus on other core tasks that better enhance your business.

Databases are the core of every organization information system, which are constantly collecting and supplying critical information that supports business intelligence, collaboration, customer service and decision making throughout an enterprise. We provide a single stop solution for our clients who want to analyze the database along with all other IT Infrastructure elements.

With the inherent ability to manage IT Infrastructure covering servers, networks and database, we provide best-of-the breed database management services for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server, MySQL and MS SQL database environments owing to our vast experience and expertise in Database Management services.

Our database administrator has the experience and skill set you need to ensure high performance, security and availability of your database environment.

Rigel Database Management Services Includes:

  • Database Implementation: design, capacity planning, installation, high availability configuration
  • Migration & Upgrade: Migration services, Version and Patch upgrade services
  • Database Administration: Performance tuning and optimization, archival, backup & restoration management, database cloning, incident, problem and change management
  • Database Monitoring
  • Database Performance optimization
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Database Backup and Recovery Services
  • Database Mirroring for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Database Clustering for Microsoft SQL Server

Why should you consider Rigel for Database Management Services?

  • One-stop shop for performance enhancement of your database, web application and reports.
  • Employ our proven migration methodology to identify and resolve problems quickly.
  • We ensure 24×7 availability and performance of your business critical databases.
  • Free your IT resources. Let them focus on growing your business while we manage and monitor your database platforms.

How much time does your internal IT team spend on database management and administration activities? Rigel Database Management Services is a more cost effective, efficient way to manage your databases.

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