Application Management


Excellent development and maintenance of applications is necessary in order for systems to operate well in today’s business climate. Software application must constantly be updated so that a business does not fall behind because of their outdated software and technology.

Rigel Application Management Services caters to small and medium enterprises that require maintenance of existing applications and require new applications to be developed. Through a set of Engagement, Knowledge Transition and Support Processes, we bring Applications and Environments to manage your IT infrastructure and improve availability, security and extensibility (technology migrations). We manage end to end life cycle of Applications either by transitioning and maintaining steady state of operations or by building Applications first and maintaining them for respective life cycles.

Our administrators performing operations on a network device will see what is required for them to remediate the issue(s). All login sessions are recorded and attached to a trouble ticket for the problem associated with it. This provides complete accountability and meets compliance requirements for tracking all changes to IT operations.

Rigel Application Management Services Includes:

  • Provision of applications
  • Monitoring, managing applications, infrastructure and impact on applications
  • Application reporting
  • Remotely Install, upgrade and patching application
  • Scheduled application maintenance
  • End-user experience monitoring
  • Administration and troubleshooting of application
  • Security and hardening of application, removal of vulnerable and unnecessary services
  • Configuration and backup management
  • Peak time & high volume performance
  • Application insight (deep dive diagnostics)

Why should you consider Rigel for Application Management Services?

  • We deliver 24×7 monitoring, maintenance and management by experienced, certified network administrators.
  • Using our service, you can reduce your business costs, increase the quality of your services, simplify your business, and overall maximize your benefits.
  • Our experience in Application Development enables us to support and manage L2/ L3 applications, thus improving the turn-around time of problem resolution. 
  • If you are experiencing fragmented application support, increased outages due to configuration and released management issues, 24/7 application management issues or increasing support costs, contact us now for a tailor-crafted solution.

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